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If you struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the Community Clinical Research team can discuss your options for participating in a clinical trial. At the facility in Austin, Texas, experienced psychiatrist, David Brown, MD, and his dedicated staff offer comprehensive psychiatric evaluations to determine if you’re a candidate for ongoing clinical trials. The medical team is also state-licensed to provide inpatient detoxification services for those who need to withdraw safely from illegal or prescription drugs or alcohol. To learn more about addiction medicine clinical trials o

Addiction Medicine

What is addiction medicine?

Addiction medicine specialists are highly trained to care for those with substance abuse issues related to medications, illegal drugs, and alcohol. Specialists who are trained to treat addictions include psychiatrists, mental health professionals, and therapeutic counselors.

The medical team at Community Clinical Research has experience performing inpatient and outpatient clinical trials for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. They’re also state-licensed to provide inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification services for those who need treatment.

What causes a drug or alcohol addiction?

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic disease that becomes difficult to control. For some, the addiction begins by voluntarily taking drugs or using alcohol while others become dependent on medications needed for medical reasons.

Repeated use of drugs and/or alcohol causes changes in your brain that interfere with your thought processes, your behaviors, and your overall health. These brain changes make it increasingly difficult to not use drugs or alcohol, and even after periods of recovery, it’s common for those with addictions to experience one or more relapses.

Am I a candidate for an addiction medicine clinical trial?

The Community Clinical Research medical team determines if you’re a candidate for a clinical trial after you undergo a complete psychiatric assessment and they review your overall health.

The purpose of an addiction clinical trial is to identify treatment options and alternatives that promote long-term recovery success. The team works closely with you throughout the study, tracking information about your treatment and its success.

What detoxification services are available for addiction?

As a state-licensed facility for patient drug and alcohol detoxification, the Community Clinical Research team offers comprehensive inpatient care to help you safely withdraw from your dependence under medical supervision.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal is an uncomfortable and even painful process that keeps many people from seeking recovery help. At Community Clinical Research, the experienced doctors offer pharmacological resources to help you complete your detox in the most comfortable way possible. They can also provide services to address existing mental health disorders that may complicate or contribute to abuse of alcohol and drugs during your addiction treatment.

Following your detox and/or participation in an addiction clinical trial, the staff can connect you with resources and health professionals in your community to ensure you have the continued support and guidance you need to stay successful in your recovery.

To learn more about detoxification services and clinical trials for drug and alcohol addiction, call Community Clinical Research today or request more information online now.